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*IDI* Financial Aid
.Tuition and Loan Programs  
.Before contacting a financial aid officer, read about the following options:
.Many students require assistance beyond what a school may be able to offer. Our Tuition Loan
.Programs and Tuition Payment Plans pages should serve as a resource to help you identify other types
.of financing options that may be available to you.

.Tuition loan programs assist many students in making tuition payments more affordable by providing the
.funds upfront and spreading the payments over a longer period of time than tuition payment plans allow.
.If you are interested in any of the providers listed here, please contact them directly for current fees,
.rates and other details. Most, if not all, are credit-based loans and may have different standards of
.creditworthiness. In some cases, as noted, the school must be a participant in the program.

.Tuition Payment Plans  
.Tuition payment plans are typically coordinated between a particular provider and the school. If you
.are interested in one of the tuition plans listed below, please check with the business or financial aid
.office at .the school to determine if they use a specific provider.

.Need-based Financial Aid  

.Schools award financial aid grants based upon the financial need of a family. These grants do not need
.to be paid back and are used to offset tuition costs. The money for these grants comes directly from the
.school's budget and demonstrates the school's commitment to having a socio economically diverse
.student population.

.To determine your family's eligibility, you will have to fill out an application for financial aid. You can get
.this form from the financial aid officer.

.Where can I get more information?  
.Contact the admission or financial aid officer at the school









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