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*IDI* Onsite Training
Substantial Cost Savings for Your Organization
If your organization has many employees with similar training needs, consider On-Site Training at your facility.
Whether you require a single course for a small group or extensive training for your entire company *IDI*
workforce On-Site Courses offer you significant savings, ideal location and exceptional convenience with
quality instruction. Request more information, call 212-563-6029 and ask for Dempsey Raines for
immediate assistance.
You Get a Complete "Course" Training Package
From first step to last, you can count on *IDI* to expertly execute your On-Site Training. Every
On-Site Course delivers the same superb hands-on instruction participants receive in our Training
Centers. Best of all *IDI* provides everything required for a successful training program, including
instructor consultation tailored content, comprehensive course materials, hardware, and software
networking systems, audiovisual equipment and complete classroom setup.
Course Participants Enjoy a Hassle-Free Experience
*IDI* On-Site Courses offer your employees the convenience of training close to home.
Course attendees are able to keep their usual work schedule and return home each evening.
Plus, since a typical course requires between 20-35 hours per week in a classroom, participants
can take advantage before and after class hours to stay on top of their most time-sensitive projects.
Group Discount
By choosing an On-Site Course, you can save between 5% to 30% discount on the cost of
sending 20 or more employees to a IDI Public Course at the standard full tuition
 From 10 to 20  employees    5%
 From 30 to 40  employees   10%
 From 50 to 60  employees   15%
 From 70 to 80  employees    20%
 From 80 to 100 employees   25%
 From 100 and up employees 30%
Use that savings to get more from your training budget-by providing more training to more people
and offering a wider variety of courses for professional development.
Train under the Guidance of Expert Instructors
*IDI* instructors are the finest in the industry. You can count on instructors who are experts in the
subjects they teach. All our instructor are licensed and approved by the New York State Education
Department. Our instructors have the experience to answer the most challenging questions. And they're
able to share solutions to real-world problems
Build Practical Skills with Hands-On Exercises
On-Site Course participants receive ample opportunity to participate in hands-on exercises and workshops.
Tailor Your Course Content
Learning Tree will arrange a pre-course conference call with your instructor to ensure course content is
aligned with your training objectives. You'll enjoy a consultative relationship in which the course presentation
is tailored to fit your organization's culture, knowledge base and environment. Courses Anywhere You Want
Them Many Learning *IDI* Courses are available for presentation on site at your facilities, anywhere in the us.
We can roll out any combination of courses at one or more locations, based on your requirements and schedule.
Choose Course Dates to Fit Your Schedule
You can choose from over 10 courses and schedule them according to your company's needs and timetable.
If you need training fast, we're up to the challenge! We can deliver On-Site Training anywhere you require.
arranges course content aligned with your training objectives.
Achieve the Results You Expect ...Guaranteed
Every On-Site Course delivers an effective and enjoyable training experience for your entire team, and this
commitment is backed by our unconditional guarantee...unless you feel 100% satisfied that we delivered even
more than you expected, there is no fee for the course.
FREE On-Site Course Proposal
Request more information here, or call 212-563-6029 or (212) 594-1917  for immediate assistance.
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