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International Development Institute

It is important to us that you are satisfy with the training programs that we offer
at International Development Institute. This questionnaire represent your
personal evaluation of school and how we can use it to
improve our services to you.

Rating: E= Excellent, G= Good, F= Fair, P= Poor (circle one only)
Low _______________High
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
(Please be honest and fair in your evaluation)

  1.How do feel about the method of instruction you are receiving at the present time?

Is the classroom comfortable.?

  3. Do you feel the instructor is teaching the course accurately that you are learning the material?

  4. Are the office administrators courteous and helpful?

  5. How  would you rate your instructor overall performance?

  6. Since you been attending (*IDI*) school do you feel the training is all you expected?

  7. Would you recommend this school (*IDI*) to your friends or family? 

  8. Has administration answered your question or concern promptly?

  9. How would rate the appearance and cleanliness of the school?

Are you satisfy with the instructional material (books, literature) and equipment?

Thank you, for taken the time in completing this form

( Space provided below for additional Comments, which are appreciated)

*IDI* Student Evaluation Questionnaire


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